Confessions of a Fashionista Mom to be…

As my due date rapidly approaches I am haunted with this ongoing thought of my daughter coming an I lose my fashion sense or she grows up thinking I never had any.
I’ve temporarily relocated and while packing my things I started to go through clothes I could no longer fit, that’s when the thought crossed my mind what do I keep for Aria. What if she thinks my style is horrendous? What if I get comfortable walking around in soccer mom outfits? Will she view my style how I view my moms? I’ve always wished my mother had “flavor” so I could steal her stuff or she had like vintage Chanel I could fall in love with. I want to be the mom who’s daughter looks back at pictures of her and says “my mom was fly”. Or she’s baby pictures of herself an says “I was fly”.
These are the random thoughts that trickle through my head at 3am between bathroom runs and trying to getting comfortable.


Online dating, if you dare…

Dating is hard, dating in NYC…harder, especially for women. We all know this, we’ve heard it and probably have some personal horror stories, but what do you do about it? I don’t have the answer, but the two people that raised me (bless them) either feel sorry for me and/or really want me to have a kid (A few birthdays ago, I was permitted by one of them to have a baby out of wedlock, so I’ll go with the latter) …anyway, they’ve made a few suggestions. (that’s me with the blue background, either of the parental units in white)


christian mingle



Well you know what, I’ve actually tried it. Paid sites and free ones, polished and ones I shouldn’t have touched with a ten foot pole. I want a boyfriend, I want to get married, I want to have kids, so why not, right? Here’s a small sample of the fun I’ve had…


I’ll just say, be careful what you wish for, you might get purposed to.

I must admit though, it hasn’t been all bad…if I do end up with someone I met online, chances are, no one will ever know where I found him. I’m a creative, so I’ll come up with something ūüėČ

Any fun online experiences you want to share?

So Long, Abistro

If you live in or near Ft Greene, Brooklyn, chances are you’ve had brunch or dinner at Abistro on Dekalb Ave.¬†url-3

Spicy pancakes, senegalese fried chicken, their signature senegalese breakfast, coconut oil seared plantains, sorrel mimosas…I will stop. ¬†Truth is, this place is one of the BEST spots in Brooklyn for brunch. ¬†Their¬†menu is one of a kind! ¬† Labeled as “African Infused Cuisine” and prepared by Chef Abdul¬†Gueye (owned by he & his wife), this place is a favorite for Brooklynites.


So when I went by there tonight for dinner, I was disappointed and saddened when Chef Abdul told me they’d be closing in just a couple of weeks. ¬†Abistro is not just a place that my circle & I choose for casual brunch, but it’s where I chose to spend my last birthday and where my good friends Marcus & Dawn chose to host their engagement party. ¬†It’s where my sister will be having her birthday brunch, this coming weekend! ¬†There’s something about the place and the chef that makes it feel like ‘home’.

Tonight, I had the citrus salmon. No drinks this go ’round. ¬†I also think I was the last to leave the restaurant. ¬†Just, very sad for more reasons than I care to mention.url-4

If you have not had their food, I HIGHLY recommend you try it out within the next two weeks.  If you are a regular..make sure you have your last few cups of coffee with a hint of cinnamon.

fun birthday brunch

fun birthday brunch

So long, Abistro.

Visit their website

250 Dekalb Brooklyn, NY 11205 (347) 384-2972

Everyday People Brunch

After hearing about this monthly brunch, I finally went down to the LES to check it out last weekend. ¬†Hosted by Chef Roble & Saada, it’s basically a free daytime party if you’re just going for the hang, and if you want to eat, it’s about $38.00 for a buffet style brunch and unlimited mimosas.

The food? Amazing! ¬†I am a foodie. They gave the option of eggs or egg whites. ¬†There was no pork on the menu, which didn’t surprise me. ¬†The shrimp & grits were incredible and so were the chicken, biscuits & gravy. ¬†Clearly, I had a fight with my conscious and I won. ¬†What a sinful delight.

The scene? Definitely the trendy Afro-hippie Brooklyn type. The place was full of flashy dressers, models and socialites. ¬†It was like a club…but on a Sunday afternoon! ¬†ūüôā Here are some pics I found.





Above photos by  Lee Moulton

blair & jay

@jayfingers & @blairaaa

blair & brandee

blair, jay me

taken with someone’s iphone

Before it got really thick.

Would I go again? Yes…but I’ll make sure I go early.

Check out more pics on FB.

Check out their Tumblr