Confessions of a Fashionista Mom to be…

As my due date rapidly approaches I am haunted with this ongoing thought of my daughter coming an I lose my fashion sense or she grows up thinking I never had any.
I’ve temporarily relocated and while packing my things I started to go through clothes I could no longer fit, that’s when the thought crossed my mind what do I keep for Aria. What if she thinks my style is horrendous? What if I get comfortable walking around in soccer mom outfits? Will she view my style how I view my moms? I’ve always wished my mother had “flavor” so I could steal her stuff or she had like vintage Chanel I could fall in love with. I want to be the mom who’s daughter looks back at pictures of her and says “my mom was fly”. Or she’s baby pictures of herself an says “I was fly”.
These are the random thoughts that trickle through my head at 3am between bathroom runs and trying to getting comfortable.


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