Sick of Fashion Magazines and Their Affordable Fashion!!

How many of you go in the store to buy or subscribe to fashion magazines to keep up with the latest trends? You look through the pages and see a bunch of cute outfits you can picture yourself in, then you look at the outlandish prices, like $80 for a top made of rayon and polyester, or a pair of regular gladiator sandals for $200. Now I don’t know about you but for once I’d love to see clothing that’s affordable to the average New Yorker. With rent for a studio starting at $1300 in some places who has an expendable cash flow to pay that and then spend $80 on a shirt! The thing that gets me the most is when the magazine boost about having a plethora of “affordable” outfits. For once I’d love to see a magazine dedicated to the average woman who loves fashion but has an average budget. I want these fashion editors and stylists to pull looks together that the LPN or school teacher can afford on her salary. But alas I digress and until then I guess I’ll just post my amazeball finds! 


2 thoughts on “Sick of Fashion Magazines and Their Affordable Fashion!!

  1. We have a few of these sorts of magazines in the UK, but as you say, every American import magazine I’ve ever read just has such expensive clothes! Even Teen Vogue! It’s mad, but I guess the UK is sort of dominated by the high street whilst America definitely isn’t.

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